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Blog 11 – Who needs to know about your PLN

The past few months in EDCI 338 have truly been a phenomenal learning experience. Living in a digital era, it is extremely important to know about all the benefits and challenges one can face using the internet. This course summarized… Continue Reading →

Blog 10 – Engaging your PLN

Over the past decades, Internet and mobile communication have spread dramatically at a global scale. In 2013, over 2.7 billion people are using the Internet, which corresponds to 39 % of the world’s population. In the developing world, 31 % of the… Continue Reading →

Blog 9 – PLN and Communications – What Do People See?

Blogs and social media shares have become the norm in todays society, however, communication in the community and around the globe go way beyond this. An active PLN can have innumerable benefits some of which include, marketing of products, real-time… Continue Reading →

Blog 8 – Why media literacy matters in your PLN

The word literacy is used to describe the ability to read and write. Similarly, media literacy is simply the ability to identify different types of media and understand the messages they’re sending. Digital media has become a significant aspect of… Continue Reading →

Blog 7 – Public PLN – Balancing PLN and Public Disclosure

Being a public figure brings in a lot of risks and benefits. I think one of the biggest risks is that public figures are most prone to criticism. No matter what side of the spectrum their ideas and thoughts fall,… Continue Reading →

Blog 6 – Community Engagement and Your PLN

Social media allows for numerous diverse and inclusive communities to form online that makes each participant feel a sense of belonging. The strength of minority groups such indigenous communities, LGBTQ groups, and the Black Lives Matter movement become more powerful… Continue Reading →

Blog 5: PLN in Practice

In order to create a successful PLN, I would start with using a social media platform that will help me create a diverse network and will allow me to share posts, links, and thoughts easily to a wide range of… Continue Reading →

Blog 4: PLN & Inclusion

In this blog post I will share my views on inclusion from a student’s point of view pursuing studies in the field of science. Throughout the last four years at UVic I have encountered many individuals from fellow classmates to… Continue Reading →

Blog 3: Visitor & Resident Map

For the past few decades, the internet has provided a number of resources and platforms from which individuals can gain and share knowledge and connect with each other regardless of where they are located around the world. A professional networking… Continue Reading →

Blog 2: Digital Identity

1) What is a digital identity? Digital identity is an individual’s presence online in the digital world known as the internet. It is comprised of everything an individual decides to post, share, comment on, like, or view on social media… Continue Reading →

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